Carrianne L Hendrickson
Crow Box (lidded vessel).
14 -16" tall
Crows are considered very mysterious animals, and are said to be very intelligent.

I have always loved crows. They are interesting to watch as well as sculpt. On this crow box I sculpted shiny objects that the crow might gather in their travels: a watch, pearl necklace, and a shiny key. To add an element of intrigue to the work I also dropped a tiny sculpted heart into the glaze on the interior of the box's base.... once the glaze melted the heart permanently was adhered to the inside of the box.

This work was hand built using slab construction. Lid comes off. I placed box on side in second picture so you could see the interior color. There is a symbolic heart dropped gently inside...the bottom has a coating of snowlike surface. This is a decorative box only. Approximate height is 14-16" tall. It is a one of a kind piece. Would look great on mantle or table.

Available: contact me regarding pricing.
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